MSI Transaction on Education
call for paper

MSI Transaction on Education welcomes any research papers on education and science using techniques from and applications in any technical knowledge domain: original theoretical works, literature reviews, research reports, social issues, psychological issues, curricula, learning environments, book reviews, and review articles. The articles should be original, unpublished, and not in consideration for publication elsewhere at the time of submission to the MSI Transaction on Education.

Please consider that editor and reviewers invest significant time in the submission. Thus, the submission cannot be withdrawn without the approval of the editorial office during the review, the revision, the production after acceptance or publication process.

The submission is first reviewed by the editorial board. This initial review is completed in two weeks. If the submission passes the initial review, then the blind review takes about 4 weeks.

MSI  Transaction on Education is a journal published by Team Research. MSI  Transaction on Education aims at becoming the publication center of education researches and non-education researches.

DOI number for citation
Each article is assigned a unique and permanent d.o.i number which is used for citation immediately after publication.

Focus and Scope
The MSI  Transaction on Education is focused on education science with the following scopes : 

  1. Education
  2. Learning and teaching
  3. Teacher education
  4. Curriculum development
  5. Technology (engineering, STEM, e-learning, mobile learning, artificially intelligence, augmented reality, media education, etc)
  6. Educational development (model development, instructional design) 
  7. Educational evaluation (need assessment, evaluation program, evaluation result learning, HOTS, etc
  8. Education Vocational (TVET, SMK, polytechnic, etc)
  9. Sosial Humaniora
  10. Sport science

Section Policies
All article are Open Submissions, Indexed, and Peer-Reviewed

Peer Review Process
MSI  Transaction on Education reviewing policies are:
1. Every submitted paper will be reviewed by at least a peer-reviewer.
2. Reviewers are aware of the identity of the authors, but authors are unaware of the identity of reviewers (blind review method).
3. Reviewing process will consider objectivity, method, scientific impact, conclusion, and references.

Publication Frequency
MSI  Transaction on Education will be published four times a year (January, April, July, and October).

Open Access Policy
MSI  Transaction on Education provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public to supports a greater global exchange of knowledge.

Copy Editing and Proofreading
Every article accepted by MSI  Transaction on Education shall be an object to copy editing and proofreading by the Editorial Board.

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